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We welcome your donation in support of general Himalayan Bön Foundation Projects.

Himalayan Bön Foundation also warmly welcomes your support to cover the most urgent needs of the monsatic inhabitants of Triten Nortbutse Monastery as affected by the recent earthquake in Nepal: provision of food, water, clothing and medical supplies.

We hear that the price of basic necessities such as food items have risen to five times the normal levels in Kathmandu. Also due to the frequency of strong aftershocks and a number of large cracks in the main Monastery building all monastics camp outside to avoid being injured from possible falling ruble, while some fierce thunderstorms and lighting threaten at the same time and while being under the open sky.

Please make a one time or reoccuring contribution so that we can help those in need – all funds are directly passed onto Triten Norbutse!

Thank you for your support in this time of tragedy and extreme uncertainty!


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