Dzogchen Practice and Teaching Retreat
Khenchen Tenpa Yungdrung Rinpoche

Topic The Golden Instructions of Drenpa Namkha
Place The Marist Brothers Center, Hudson Valley, NY
Date May 25-31, 2023

In this fundraising event sponsored by Himalayan Bön Foundation Khenchen Tenpa Yungdrung Rinpoche will be transmitting and explaining the Dzogchen teachings based on the “The Golden Instructions of Drenpa Namkha”.

The “Drenpa Serdam” cycle is a compilation of several Dzogchen texts and teachings, directly transmitted by Kuntu Zangpo to the great Master Drenpa Namkha. These extensive teachings cover all essential instructions on the path to the complete liberation, including the Preliminary, Main practices, advice for Bardo, as well as the Pith instructions of the Eighteen Mahasiddhas, Eighteen Khandros and those of the early Masters.

Originally received by Shense Lhaje who in turn transmitted the teachings to Khandro Kalpa Zangmo, and to other early Bön Masters, the oral transmission of Drenpa Serdam follows an unbroken lineage up to H.E. Yongdzin Lopon Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche.

For work study opportunities and any questions you might have, please reach out to We look forward to seeing you at the teachings!

The Teaching Retreat will be taking place at: The Marist Brothers Center 1455 Broadway, Esopus, NY, 12429

The center provides limited single occupancy and multiple shared room options. If you prefer to have a single accommodation, please consider registering as a commuter and take advantage of many Airbnb options available in the neighborhood.

We will be providing updates on retreat logistics with more information on local accommodations as well as on carpooling options from NYC and the nearby airports.


On-Site Attendance

The registration for on-site attendance is open at:

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Cancellation and Refund Policy:  If a registration is cancelled for any reason, all refunds will be made according to the following refund schedule:

  • 80% up to 2 weeks prior the event
  • 50% up to one week
  • 20% 3 days prior

Online Attendance via Zoom

Registration for online participation is now open at:

After registration, you will receive an automatic confirmation email. Additionally, a reminder email is sent out every day, an hour before the teaching starts with the link to access the Zoom webinar.

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